Check Out These Great Android Apps

Most of the fun that comes with owning a smart phone comes from playing with all of the applications. The type of smart phone you buy isn’t really all that important–there are applications for pretty much all of them. If you have a phone that runs the Android operating system there are plenty of apps for you to choose from.

There are free applications and paid applications. Most people choose to stick with free apps. That does not mean, however, that there are not paid apps worth buying. In fact, there are a lot of paid applications out there that are worth their asking prices. Here are our favorite paid Android applications.

Fit Sync is a paid application that is perfect for people who want to get in shape. This app comes complete with hundreds of pre-planned workouts, thousands of workout videos and even about fifty fitness plans. The app also has software that helps you record all of your workouts so that you can keep track of your progress as you work to get fit. You can even publish your workouts to your favorite social networks because the application hooks right in to Facebook and the FitSync widgets that you can install on different websites and social networks.

Jewellust is a fun paid game application for the Android phone. You move around jewels, gather mosaic tiles and inspect ancient Pyramids in an attempt to discover the Pharaoh’s spoils. You play in “Campaign” mode, while trying out the game. Once you become more advanced at playing the game, you can play in “Survival” mode. This allows you unlimited play and keeps your score for each game you play. Game applications are a good way to lose track of time when waiting for something or when you find yourself when some unexpected free time.

If you don’t wish to be tied to one particular carrier, consider getting an unlocked Android device. Your able to use virtually any service provider you desire in any part of the world with an unlocked device. One great web site to find unlocked smartphones is (Visit Site) You can keep up with the latest Cell2Get news and special offers on their LinkedIn and Vimeo pages.

MyBackupPro is a crucial application for those who stress about their phone’s security. This paid Android application permits you to fabricate a backup of your phone. It backs up your apps, calls made, contacts, settings, text messages, internet bookmarks, phone call log and more. This application will back up everything on your phone. This can be remarkably useful if your phone is lost or somebody steals it. You can restore all of your “lost” data onto the new or replacement phone and carry on as you always have.

It is more fun to play around with applications when you own a smart phone. The apps might even be the whole reason you decided to buy your Android phone! Obviously, figuring out which of the top paid Android applications is the most worth your money can feel scary. This is probably because you want to have fun but you’re afraid you won’t make good investments. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on something that you won’t use often or that won’t suit you very well.