Cell2get Redesigns Website, Adds Phone Finder and Increases Stock. Now it’s Easier Than Ever To Find, Order & Receive an Unlocked Cell Phone from Cell2get.com

When you purchase a GSM cell phone from Cell2get you get something special – no contracts – all phones come without that annoying contract. Unlike being stuck with a carrier for years in order to get a cell phone at a slight discount, Cell2get sells their cell phones heavily discounted without any contract. Now you don’t need to stay with just one carrier just to get the hottest phone. Cell2get redesigned their website to make finding a new unlocked cell phone easier than ever. With thousands of phones to chose from and great customer service Cell2get has quickly become the place to go for all cell phone needs.

Great priced cell phones without contracts – Cell2get offers cell phones at discounted prices without locking their customers into long contracts with heavy termination fees. Their philosophy is “You buy it, You own it!” as stated on the top of their home page. This makes switching carriers easier than ever. They have thousands of unlocked phones from Blackberry, Palm, Motorola, LG, Sony, HTC, Acer, Apple and more. All the unlocked phones not only work on all GSM carriers here in the United States, but on hundreds of carriers across the globe. Some exciting phones to check out include the Palm Pre Plus GSM and the iPhone 4G.

Easy user interface with thousands of phones in stock and new Phone Finder service – Cell2get’s new website redesign makes finding a cell phone easier than ever, and now with the Phone Finder service any cell phone can be found by company, carrier compatibility, Band and many other choices. The Phone finder makes finding any rare cell phone, or cell phone with a special purpose a breeze. Recently Cell2get increased their warehouse to carry thousands more products so now ship times have been greatly decreased. All this equates to a happier customer which is what Cell2get strives to achieve – great customer satisfaction, knowledgeable sales staff and low prices.

Cell Phone Unlocking Service – There are many advantages to unlocking a phone, including enabling a cell phone to work on nearly any carrier. This lets the user switch to another carrier when a better deal comes out as opposed to being stuck on the same plan for two years at a time. It also allows users to travel abroad and switch to a carrier in the destination country without having to purchase another phone there. For example if you purchase an iPhone from Cell2get and travel to Europe there is no need to purchase a second iPhone there.

Cell2get is the top destination to get unlocked cell phones, to unlock pre existing cell phones as well as to find hard to get cell phones. With great customer service and a knowledgeable sales staff cell2get is a top destination for unlocking cell phones, locked cell phones as well as phones for CDMA and IDEN networks.

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By purchasing your phone through Cell2Get you no longer have to worry about cell phone plans. Cell2Get sells you the phone outright without contracts. Cell2Get gives you the flexibility you have been looking for in cell phones and cell phone plans. Source for more information call 718-513-3100 or visit www.cell2get.com.