The Cell2Get Style in Mobile Communications

For brand-new cell phones sold without a contract, is the best source online offering true freedom of choice and convenience in mobile communications today.  But is about more than just great deals for savvy shoppers.  As one of the nation’s largest retailers of brand-new contract-free mobiles, we are comprised of industry insiders and veterans who are technology geeks that know wireless and love it like no other company.

So Cell2Get phones are not only feature-rich and capable, but they look great.  From the best BlackBerrys to the smartest Samsungs, our beautiful mobile handsets are veritable works of art in their own right, with innovative designs that blend form and function into feature-rich smartphones that complement today’s modern lifestyles.  Mobiles are so ubiquitous now that they have become fashion accessories of a sort, and a lot of effort is put into designing handsets that communicate a sense of style and a sense of character.  From the popular clamshell form factor to old-school candy bar form factors, Cell2Get has it all for the look that’s all you.

While we don’t yet have thin clear plastic cell phones, maple wood cell phones, or spiral-shaped cell phones in stock just yet (you should see what they think up for the trade shows), we will always make it simple to enjoy the hottest designs with the latest technology – just by making them affordable to all, and all without the burden of a contract.  Because why go wireless only to be tied down by contract terms and legalese?  All mobiles offered at are so brand-new and factory-fresh that they don’t have any contracts – so you decide who will provide your service, always.  It’s your phone, so why shouldn’t you be able to switch carriers without having to switch phones, too?

Cell2Get cellular handsets are unlocked for use on any network.  Unlike regular cell phones, you are not stuck with just the one particular carrier – even after your onerous contract is at an end!  Thanks to Cell2Get, consumers can use any service they wish, anywhere they go.  You can’t do that with a regular handset.  They are just locked, operational through the one carrier only.

Locked so that you are forced to keep paying them money or lose your phone and all your contacts and valuable data like schedules and photos.  We think that’s wrong, so we’re helping to change the business culture of this industry one cell phone sale at a time, liberating one customer at a time.

That’s the Cell2Get advantage –, where you get more than just a gadget. Got it?